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The Ric Edelman Show: October 5, 2019

Duration: 1:22:50

On this episode:

  • Can You Believe It’s Been 50 Years Since Woodstock?
  • It’s Unrealistic to Expect the Stock Market to Sustain Its Recent Returns
  • Victims of Ponzi Schemes Have Lost $31 Billion in the Last 10 Years
  • Here’s the Problem With Ratings on Mutual Funds
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The Ric Edelman Show: September 28, 2019

Duration: 1:22:50

On this episode:

  • Here’s an Easy Way to Increase Your Retirement Savings
  • This Is Why You Should Never Act on Advice From Radio or TV Pundits
  • Are You Struggling With the Cost of College?
  • Do You Have a 401(k) or 403(b) Plan at Work?
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The Ric Edelman Show: September 21, 2019

Duration: 1:22:49

On this episode:

  • We’re the Top Independent Financial Advisory Firm According to Barron’s for the Second Consecutive Year
  • Is Your Career Safe From Technological Disruption?
  • Here’s What You Need to Know About the REAL ID Deadline That’s Approaching
  • Can Companies Increase Profits by Taking a Stand on Social Issues?
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The Ric Edelman Show: September 14, 2019

Duration: 1:22:43

On this episode:

  • Why Did Foreign Investors Buy and American Investors Sell Billions in Stocks?
  • Take Notice When a Sales Pitch Is Negative and Disparaging Toward Others
  • Have You Ever Made an Early Withdrawal From an Individual Retirement Account?
  • All U.S. Households Have Now Recovered From the Financial Crisis
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The Ric Edelman Show: September 7, 2019

Duration: 1:22:45

On this episode:

  • The Real Rate of Return Retirees Need Is Lower Than You Might Expect
  • Is an Index or Target Date Fund Better for College Savings?
  • Here’s Why a Traditional Individual Retirement Account Could Be a Better Choice Than a Roth
  • How to Prioritize Your Personal Finances and Savings
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