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The Ric Edelman Show: April 27, 2019

Duration: 1:22:49

On this episode:

  • Why Would Anyone Work With an Advisor Who Isn’t Acting in Their Best Interests?
  • Do You Own a Second Home?
  • At What Age Does a Wife Become a Widow?
  • Five Indicators of Financial Preparation

On this episode:

Why Would Anyone Work With an Advisor Who Isn’t Acting in Their Best Interests?

Duration: 6:28

The New Jersey Bureau of Securities created a new regulation that will require everyone providing investment recommendations to act as a fiduciary. Other states are working on similar regulations to help protect individual investors, but at least two Wall Street firms are already protesting. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the two firms and share tips on how to find an advisor you can trust.

Do You Own a Second Home?

Duration: 4:51

Lots of folks own a second home, but the house could sit empty much of the time. Even if it is, they’re still paying for the up keep and utilities. That’s why many people love the idea of renting a second home and generating income. But there’s a problem if your mortgage on the second home was issued by Fannie Mae. Listen to Ric Edelman explain the rule and some new guidance that could help owners who want to generate rental income from a second home.

At What Age Does a Wife Become a Widow?

Duration: 4:57

The average age at which a wife becomes a widow is surprisingly low. What’s more, half of all women who are married will become widows under the age of 60. Listen to Ric Edelman share the average age at which a woman becomes a widow and discuss the profound implications when it comes to personal finance.

Five Indicators of Financial Preparation

Duration: 8:25

How prepared are you for your financial future? A new survey that was just released lists five key indicators. But the sad reality is that 43 percent of people are not prepared, according to this list. Listen to Ric Edelman share these five indicators and explain how you can make sure you are financially prepared.


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